Portrait Photographer

Storyteller that loves capturing those special moments in life for you

This is my story!

I live in New York City and Bel Captures Photography is my professional portfolio.

My passion for photography started back from when I was a teenager, I always wished to have a camera in my hands, to capture all of those especial moments in life and to create memories that will always take me back in time to remember.

Back when I was 16 my dad together with my uncle gave me my first camera as a gift for my birthday and Christmas, and with that I learned to open my creativity and I started exploring all types of photography.

On 2003 I studied Graphic Design and couldn’t hep but continuing thinking about photography, and editing became my favorite class because I was able to work on my own images and be even more creative.

In 2005 I moved to New York City, and with my first paycheck in customer service, I got me my very first camera.

In 2010 I joined workshops that made me fall in love with portrait and I challenge my self to start photographing people, food and products to help bring the best out of them. On 2014 I created this company call Bel Captures Photography, I built up my own home studio and started capturing indoor and outdoor portraits.

Capturing the unexpected and unique moment when things come together and people express their natural essence is a fulfillment for my job, my goals and my priorities. I reach this connection by setting a friendly conversation with my clients, making them feel comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot.

I offer a variation of full professional photography services packages to suit your individual needs, style and price range to exceed your expectations, either on your headshot,  family portrait, wedding, pregnancy, newborn, event or any other special moment.

I also participated and collaborated on personal projects with other entrepreneurs on a creative agency that offers videography and post production for corporate business events and with New York Performers a project that offers photography and video biography for all kinds of artists.

If you would like to know more about my work or perhaps, share some experiences, please feel free to contact me at any time.